Thursday, 27 June 2013

Craft Party 2013, Roma: Sharing is caring

Saturday, thanks to Etsy Italia Team in the spaces made available by the onlus association Insieme per il Trullo we made in Rome the Etsy Craft Party, 4th edition to "celebrate" Etsy's birthday with an event made of party, chatting, creativity and community support.

A wonderful day in which all toghether we created a literary bench to put at the entrance of the onlus Library, called BiblioTrulloTeca

Follows a little exhibition with recycling material creations

Here's the craft project's result, themed "recycling":

Thanks to Alessio Nisi who wrote on his blog about the party (sorry only in italian!)

ph. Alessio Nisi
And it's not over... Other Craft Parties between 20th and 22nd spreaded all over Italy! Take a look:

Craft Party Milano

Etsy Craft Party alla notte bianca a San Giovanni Valdarno by La Mandragola

Etsy Craft Party a Trento by OrloSubito

Etsy Craft Party a Pistoia by Verity un mondo a parte (Vumap)
Craft party Pistoia

Etsy Craft Party a Osimo by Jo in Wonderland

Craft party Osimo

Let's hope to be able to organize more craft parties in the next few months... Shush! Don't tell anyone, not yet... ;)

07.04 UPDATE: We're on Etsy News blog too!

Etsy Knows How to Craft Party


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