Saturday, 27 July 2013

Craft Camp: We want YOU!

info:, image by Etsy Italia Team on Flickr
Etsy Italia Team this time thought bigger: after collaborating in Etsy's Italian Translation and receiving nomination for Etsy Team Spirit 2012 now is getting ready for a na-tio-nal event.

Could they simply set up a members' national meeting? Naaa, EIT is much more than this: it decided to open the entrance to everyone, as it happened with all the other local craft parties made all over Italy

Craft Camp will be an unconference in which anyone can talk, share ideas and suggest subjects. There will be theoric workshop about photography, social network marketing and other things for creative people who wants to sell online their item, and craft workshops with very special guests:

img by Etsy Italia Team on Flickr
Creative upcycle: from socks and shirts to toys and hats with Vendetta Uncinetta

Lumi: photographic prints on cloth, wood or leather with IreneAgh

LED accessories and Arduino with Roma Makers

But there's even more than this... And that's where your help can be so precious.

Yes, I'm talking to you, you marvellous follower who's reading this blogpost... you can help us making this marvellous project come true and real!

Craft Camp organization is made entirely by Etsy  Italia Team members, and they're all volunteers. But money is needed to buy the materials necessary for workshops, renting the location and the tools and machines. And if we're able to raise enough money, there will be more workshops: Tecnificio will combine 3D printing with letterpress by Lino's Type and I will teach all the participants how to bind in three differents ways, very simple and chic, their booklets. Impressive, uh?

If you love the idea as much as we do, you can support Craft Camp by donating for our crowdfunding campaign on Eppela (even 2€ can make a difference!) and receiving marvellous rewards, all made by Etsy Italia Team: illustrated calendars, tote bags, badges and much more are waiting for you!

And if you don't want or can't donate, we still love you! And if you love too, you can spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, write about Craft Camp on your blog or tell about the campaign to your neighbour: every help is important, and there's no hand so tiny that cannot leave a mark in the world.

See you in Milan!

info:, image by Etsy Italia Team on Flickr


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